Future Research

Future research tasks:
  1. Following the reference in Watch No. 8346 - reference , investigate watch component manufacture around Liverpool.
  2. Investigate the origin of the MaquinasProdigiosas document.
  3. Further research relating to William Henderson's tenure at 32 Nethergate, Dundee.
  4. Research the three repousse artists referred to in the MaquinasProdigiosas document.
  5. Contact the Museum of London about watchmaking in London in the 18th Century.
  6. Seek a copy of the 1980 edition of the book "El Arte de la Relojería".
  7. Investigate watch numbering schemes. 
  8. Investigate why the dates ca.1720-ca.1760 have been associated with Kover, London in "Watchmakers and Clockmakers of the World".
Please suggest any further research tasks.

If you would like to take on one or more research tasks please let me know.

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