Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Watch No. 7121 - bought by a reader

Sam Walker of Colorado emailed me to say... 

"I’ve been enjoying your blog, particularly the Old Bailey reference. 

I picked up a Kover watch (#7121) on ebay.  Very small, not running (but might yet run), London hallmarked for 1742-3."

"As to getting it running again, the entire drive train, from mainspring-fusee to escape wheel, seems to be fairly functional but it’s missing the balance wheel and staff.

As mentioned it is a very small movement (about 34mm across the dial) and finding a replacement will be difficult.  I may have to get one made, if that’s even possible or affordable, which brings me to another problem, there are very few people in the States who work on (or even know about) verge-fusee watches.  So, we’ll see." 

He subsequently sent me some lovely photos of his watch which I've included above and below. Thanks Sam; please let us know whether you manage to get it repaired.


  1. Comment received from Luis Sanchez Biosca, author of "Las Maquinas Prodigiosas" (The Prodigious Machines) (see previous posts http://kover-london.blogspot.co.uk/2011/10/watch-no-8346-reference.html and http://kover-london.blogspot.co.uk/2011/11/correspondence-with-author-of.html):

    Referente al comentario de Sam Walker con respecto a un reloj Kover comprado en su dia a eBay y que no funcioona me permito indicarle algunas cosas:
    1º. La esfera no es de la epoca (1710-1770) aproximadamente, al igual que las ahujas que marcan las horas y minutos, pero sin embargo la caja exterior, de plata, si que es de la epoca.
    2º. Para conseguirn un volante adecuado, y de la epoca es posible buscar uno semejante y de la misma epoca, que este aun mas estropeado que el que se quiere treparar, y aunque dificil, es posible, aligual que la otra pieza que le falta. Es posible que le falte tambien la cadena que le facilita la potencia para que el reloj funcione. De todos modos, tanto en Ginebra como en Londres, hay tiendas especializadas en este tipo de piezas. Es pues cuestion de bucear en internet, sabiendo exactamente lo que se quiere, y lo que uno se quiere gastar.

    Automatic translation into English:

    Regarding the comment of Sam Walker with regard to a clock Kover bought in his day to eBay and that not funcioona I him afford to indicate some things:
    1st. The sphere is not of the epoch (1710-1770) approximately, as the ahujas that they mark the hours and minutes, but nevertheless the exterior box, of silver, if that is of the epoch.
    2nd. For conseguirn a suitable frill, and of the epoch it is possible to look for similar one and of the same epoch, which is even more battered than the one that is wanted treparar, and although difficult, it is possible, aligual that another piece that he lacks. It is possible that he lacks also the chain that facilitates to him the potency so that the clock works. Both in Geneva and in London, there are shops specializing in this type of pieces. It is so a question of diving in Internet, knowing exactly what is wanted, and what one wants to spend.

    Can anyone provide a more accurate translation please?

  2. I've discovered another reference to this watch at http://www.cogsandpieces.com/pocketwatch810.html with rather a nice slideshow. To see the slideshow follow the link and select start slideshow. I believe I can decipher the number 7121 on the final slide.