Monday, 17 December 2012

Kover Pocket Watch No. 74?? - sold

A search using the semantic search engine DuckDuckGo provided a link to Wil Kerkhof's Antique Clocks, Barometers, Pocket Watches website and this record of the sale of a pocket watch by I Kover.

I have examined the photographs carefully and concluded that the Number of this watch starts with the digits 74 but I cannot decipher the last two digits. I will contact Wil Kerkhof to ask if he knows the watch's number.

The description says:

A fine, rare Repoussé verge pocket watch in a triple case "Diana, the goddess of hunting"

Case: outer case - brass/gilt, leather cover, outer case - 22K gold, mythological scene in repouss√© technique "Diana, the goddess of hunting", five-piece lateral hinge, inner case - 22K gold, smooth, case maker punch mark "HD". Dial: enamel, radial Roman numerals, blued steel hands. Movm.: finely full plate movement, keywind, frosted, gilt, applied engraved ornaments, chain/fusee, moulded movement pillars, signed, blued screws, three-arm brass balance, very finely engraved pierced balance cock with grotesque face, silver regulator disc. ca 1750 

I do not believe that I have recorded this watch previously.

I cannot give a direct link to the record, to find it click on Watches on the left menu here, do a page search for Kover then click on the image of the I Kover watch.

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