Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Watch No. 2570

Google just informed me of this photograph of Kover watch no: 2570 on the Watch-wiki website

The mechanism looks very similar to my watch (no: 7629) but the outer case appears to be tortoiseshell, whereas mine is embossed (perhaps repoussé or chased) with a classical design showing two people.

Note to self: must take some decent photographs of my watch and publish them here.

A Google translation to English of the comment on Watch-wiki reads:
Kover, London, Work No. 2570, 50 mm, 99 gr., Circa 1759
Silver double-spindle housing pocket with tortoiseshell-over housing and decorative nail decoration
A silver double-cased verge pocket watch with tortoiseshell outer case and stud decoration
Image copyright: the auction house auctions Dr. H. Crott 

Watch-wiki says elsewhere about Kover:
English clockmaker
Kover was active around 1720 to about 1760 in London. A watch movements in the Dennison Collection proven.

Here is the auction lot description which refers to Kover no: 2570. 1500-2000 EUR for the Kover watch and 7 others.

Notes to self:
Research the Dennison Collection (see 7 October 2011 post)
Look at the book: Watch & Clockmakers of the World; Author: Baillie, G. H.; ISBN 140679113X, Page 183 (see 6 October 2011 post)
Get hold of a copy of Collector's Encyclopedia of Pendant and Pocket Watches 1500-1950

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